Little Bits of Canada - a 7 Year-Old Entrepreneur's First Business!

Read on for the full story of how he got started...

7 Year-Old Entrepreneurial Spirit

When our 7 year-old son Charlie recently started to figure out that it took money to buy the things he wanted - like new Lego, xbox games or maybe a Ferarri(!) - he became highly interested in how he could make money for himself.

As somewhat entrepreneurial parents, we were over the moon with his curiosity in how to make money at such a young age, and wanted to nurture and encourage his interest.

First off, we told him we'd pay him to do chores. He was a great little helper...for about 2 weeks. But a couple of dollars here and there lost its allure fairly quickly (we only need to vacuum so often!), and he began to ask how he could make more.

Charlie wanted a 'real' business, and had a lot of questions about how he could do it.

I explained that to succeed as a business, he'd have to think of something to sell that people wanted or needed. It might be a product, a service or solution to a problem. His little mind began to work, the seed had been sown.

Charlie & Ollie - Little Bits of Canada team Charlie - 7 year-old CEO, and Ollie - 4 year old fulfilment manager of Little Bits of Canada

Charlie figured out he wanted to open a store on the driveway to sell 'things' to people. Maybe his old clothes, maybe his trading cards or toys. He was determined, and over the next few weeks kept on asking me to build him a store to sell his Pokemon cards, as he figured out those would be the best seller.

I really wanted to help and encourage him, but also for him to succeed in however small a way so his dreams weren't crushed.

We sat down and had another chat...

Coming Up with an Idea

I made him a deal - if he could figure out something good to sell, that people might want - I would build him his very own website to sell it.

So Charlie got to thinking and went and had a look around his room for something else he could sell.

He came back with his 'treasure' box and fished out a few nice smooth river pebbles he'd collected on a recent walk near our house - he loves collecting 'stuff' - and asked if I could build him a store to sell those.

The lightbulb moment!

As we looked at his pebbles together, we started to look at them differently - there's a lot of things about 'boring' old pebbles that actually make them really pretty cool and interesting as gifts!

  • Each pebble is completely unique, there's not another one like it in the entire world!
  • They're millions of years old
  • Their shapes, texture and colours have been formed by the power of nature like rivers and glaciers
  • We can find lots of really nice pebbles at the lake or river when we go on walks
  • Pebbles make really great natural 'fidget' toys
  • For Charlie's business, they're perfect - easy to ship and won't break!

We came up with the perfect name for his store - Little Bits of Canada - as we are literally selling 'Little Bits' of Canada.

Bringing the Idea to Life

Having kept his end of the bargain and come up with a very good idea - I kept my end of the bargain and built him this own website.

We gathered a nice collection of pebbles from the river and lake shore, brought them home and cleaned them and took some pictures. Charlie's website was ready for business!

hunting for pebbles at the river Little Bits team down at the river looking for some nice pebbles.

Although I've built the website for him, Charlie is heavily involved in the running of his first business - he comes home from school and checks his orders for the day, picks out only the best pebbles and packs the orders ready for us to take to the post office and ship all over the world.

The geography side of the store has also proved very interesting, so we added a map page where we plot every customer's city - it's pretty cool to see how our Little Bits of Canada are spreading all over the world to different cities and countries.

If you like the story behind this website and would like to support a little 7 year-old budding entrepreneur in his very first business venture - scroll down to order your very own 'Little Bits of Canada' today!

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What are Little Bits of Canada? Literally, little pieces of Canada!

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We choose only the best, most interesting pebbles - with eye-catching colours or features - please note that all pebbles are unique, and colours, shapes and sizes vary. Each pebble is around 150-200 grams in weight. Sometimes, we might send two or three smaller pebbles instead of one bigger one.

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Little Bits of Canada - FAQ's

Got Questions? We have Answers!

Where do you ship?

All over the world, whichever contry you live in we can ship there!

Where are you based?

Little Bits of Canada global HQ is near Toronto, Canada.

How is my order shipped?

We ship all orders via Canada Post standard/economy. International orders are shipped Canada Post airmail.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders are shipped out generally within 24 hours. Overall delivery times are typically 5-20 days, depending on where in the world you are.

Can I choose my pebble?

No, sorry - each and every pebble is different and we collect lots of interesting ones. We will choose you a nice one though :)

Where did my pebble come from?

We go out searching for the best pebbles on beaches, in rivers and lakes throughout southern Ontario in Canada.

How much is shipping?

All Little Bits of Canada orders include FREE worldwide shipping.

What comes in my Little Bits of Canada box?

You'll receive one unique 'Little Bit of Canada' - a unique, hand selected and cleaned pebble.

How big is my pebble?

Every pebble is different in shape, size and colour - our pebbles generally weigh around 200 grams so we can ship worldwide. Sometimes, we might send you 2-3 smaller pebbles that add up to around 200 grams in overall weight.

Is your CEO really 7 years old?

Yes! (He gets a bit of help from dad though). You can read our full story here.

What are your pebbles like?

We search out only the nicest, most interesting ones - pebbles with interesting colours or features, or sparkly bits. Sometimes we find more plain coloured ones, but interestingly shaped. Every little piece of Canada is differentand unique!

Need more help or have even more questions? Send us an email and we'll get right back to you!

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